Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Big kisses from Quebec - it's really cool

To follow up on comments I made two entries ago, I have now uploaded some of my favourite collected postcards onto my flickr account. Here's what I wrote to this one here, one of my favourites during my multi-year cheesy postcard challenge with a friend in Canada:
It's official. This is my favourite cheesey postcard ever. Sent at the peak of a heavy duty two year long postcard challenge between me and my Canadian friend known as the "Snikster". I admitted defeat, as this card won her the crown, hands down! I only found it again just this week in a box hidden away in the shed, covered in dust, marked: "1990s"

Nosey pooch

Nosey pooch
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It's the middle of winter now and i'm sitting here as it's raining all around me. Tonight, as part of the 2009 Revelation Film Festival I am going to see the Michel Houellebecq film "Possibility of an Island". I have read glowingly positive reviews saying that it has the intensity and colour of Tarkovsky's Stalker mixed with the alienating vibes of Kubrik's 2001. That is a pretty big call, so I am trying not to get my hopes too high.
Even though it is dull outside today, i'm in a good mood, so here is a photo of my Dad with Chloe and Louis.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Suddenly this morning it rained and it rained hard. Quite amazing considering this is Perth and we pretty much don't get any rain in February. So finally I get a moment to actually enjoy being in front of a computer. The problem with having a desk job is that when you get home from work you just can't be bothered jumping in front of a computer again.

Well, this entry has started with a bland yawn! Enough! Here is a great scan of a postcard that I found decaying on tourist card stand on the Rynek (town square) of Poznan in Poland. For some reason I love old crappy postcards where the colours just aren't quite right. And especially when most of the images contained in it are of mediocre buildings. Well, this one here has a few decent ones in it, but the washed out colours, the tired and dirty paper it was made on, the pollution piled up on the top of it, and its bent curl just said 'please give me a home' to me.
I am currently looking for my old shoebox filled with years of postcards. I used to write regularly with a Canadian friend, and we used to challenge each other to send the worst postcards we could find. So I guess I sent her most of my most crapola cards, but it also means I should have a collection of her worst! So watch this space for awesomely boring postcards! Are you not excited yet? I know I am! Yawn. I think I'll go to bed now.

Maybe I'll read a book about a magic postcard.. or maybe I won't.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying Lotus, 3 hours on AZ and the Necks

On Saturday night I saw Flying Lotus perform at Ambar in Perth. I must say it was musically one of the coolest shows that i've been to since Prefuse 73 played in Perth a few years back. It was muddy, meaty and sooooo good to get into on the dance floor. A totally rockin show. I danced like a fool until the moment he stopped.

And then on Sunday I did a hefty 3 hour live set on Ambient Zone starting at 10pm, with Sam joining me on the decks for a good part of it too. Needless to say, on Monday I had a difficult time staying alert at the office! As I readied myself for an early night of sweet slumber, Gav called me to remind me I'd promised to see the Necks (a fine 3 peice band from Sydney) with him. Reluctantly, I dragged my feet to the Charles Hotel to see them. Since about 1998 I've been seeing the Necks once a year or so, I have been lucky to be in the same city as them when they tour. They are always mind blowingly good live on stage. Monday night was no different. I find it hard to believe such an intense rich sound can come from a set of drums, an acoustic double bass and a grand piano. There were moments where the sound was like a wave of warm electronic synthesized sounds. Everyone in the room was transfixed by their show. If I would ever give 10/10 for a review of a live show, this was the night. Even if they do record that track to cd, nothing will sound like Monday night on a recording. I highly advise anyone to see the Necks if they get the chance.

As well as that, I bumped into Kim, a friend that I lost touch with when we both moved overseas in different directions about 8 years ago. We both just happened to be sitting next to each other as the show started. A classic case of a Perthism moment if there ever was one!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hello 2009!

Funky dog
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Hats off to Cale had a fantastic New Year's Eve pool party, just what was called for. It's taken until January, but finally we have some over 30c days. Life is good here, the nights are balmy and days are hot. Nothing too much to report this week, but the music festivals are all happening! The St Jerome's Laneway Festival is going to be huge; Daedelus, Fourtet, Mountains in the Sky, Pivot, Girl Talk, The Tigers and heaps more! I can't wait.

Friday, November 28, 2008

flickr time

Wow, over six months since my last entry. It has been one of those periods of my life where I haven't been up for writing. Not that it's been a bad time, just a busy living life and sorting things out time. I have finally signed up to flickr, so now I will be adding lots of my photos from everywhere I have been.
Last weekend I went to the first Perth Global Gathering, which made it my second GG for the year. It's pretty cool to go to the same festival in different continents! I think the one I went to in Poznan in June of this year was the first one for Poland too. At this festival I got to see Kraftwerk again (not seen since the Big Day Out about 3 years ago) and The Orb, who I haven't seen live since 2001, when I saw them in Dublin. Even cooler, I got to meet Alex Patterson and one of the other guys from the band while Kraftwerk were playing.

Summer is here next week, I can't wait!

Oh yes, the photo is from a weekend I spent in Melbourne about a month ago. Viva cheap flights!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The new urbanism planner tour of Europe

Happy Hundchen
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Unfortunately, I can not remember the password to this blog! So I have to rely on writing all my blog entries by sending them through my flickr account. And just as I've started to upload pics from my Euro trip, I have hit the 200 photo free membership limit (I never did load enough from Vietnam and Cambodia last January). So as I get my act together to become a flickr pro, I must start my Venice travels with another photo that doesn't match what I'm writing about. Also, if I hit the publish button without doing a spell check, as I did last night, I have no way to correct it later! Argh! Oh yes, and this little fella is a funky dog who posed for the camera next door to Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna!

Venice, in a nutshell, is a really gorgeous city. But it is also a museum of a city. The whole place seemed to designed for tourists. I didn't see one person there who didn't work in hospitality. But I guess that's what keeps people there, and gives them a solid income. But yep, it sure is an impressive place. Maybe it's because I was wandering the streets and canals with a group of city planners, but there were so many basic town planning principles that were used in its design that it makes a city like Venice work, and work really well. If only my home city could learn a few things about how to make a city work well for people. Of course there were a few things I didn't like about Venice, but there was more that I did like!

I was there with a group of about 37 planning industry folk and we were on a mission to travel from Venice to Prague via mostly Eastern European cities. I went to many places, some of which I've been before, but a few places I hadn't been to before either. For my own memory when I read this in a year's time, I went to these places in this order:
Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Palmanova (and a few other towns in the Venice area -um, i'm trying to remember the name of that town that had the world's oldest Byzantine mosaic on it's church floors from 300AD), Trieste, Bled, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Pecs, Budapest, Gyor, Bratislava, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov and Prague. After the tour finished I traveled for another three weeks on my own.

I've never really traveled in a large group before, I generally prefer independent travel, but it was a really great trip and I got perspectives of places that I wouldn't have gained had I just been only partying and backpacking my way around. Not that I didn't go hard. I think I had about 4 or 5 all nighters, lasting until well after sunrise, mostly as a result of drinking more than 4 red bull wodkas in the one night, not to mention drinking probably every night. I seem to recall whipping out the wonderful Wodka Zoladkowa Gorzka the very night I returned home. Oh yes, Polish vodka played a big part of the last part of my trip too. But all in all, it was a good trip for having fun and I also gained a lot professionally from the experiences.

After the planner tour finished I stayed one more night in Prague, and then went up to Berlin to meet my old friend Katrin from my 2001 travels. We were lucky enough to time it so that my arrival in Berlin coincided with the completion of her last exam for her uni degree. I arrived in town an hour after she left the exam hall for the last time. That led to fun times in my favourite of all cities :) After five days there, I caught the train to Poznan, just three hours east of Berlin in the west of Poland. There I caught up with a friend that I haven't seen for even longer, Julie and her husband Pascale (pics of them on flickr). The last time we had seen each other was when she stayed at my pad in Sydney for the 99-2000 new year! After a week or so of fantastic times and travelling around the area of Wielkopolska, I caught the 4 or 5 hour train up to Gdansk, where I was reunited with Emma, whom I had not seen since she visited me in Perth wayyyyy back in 2002. It was great to see her again, we had a fantastic time, and amazingly enough from the moment we met up we were hanging out as if no time had passed at all. It sure is a pity that Australia is so far away from Europe! I really love being able to get around so easily and see my friends, not something easily done for someone living in Perth. After Gdansk, it was a whirlwind of flights firstly to Warsaw, then 22 hours with the rellies in Athens (on its hottest day of the year), followed by 10 overnight hours in Dubai again, then a mega flight back to Perth.

I will write in more detail about each of these places, but I thought i'd better get the whole trip down, so I don't forget bits when I'm trying to remember in the future.

Now.. where and when to go for my next adventure..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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A few more weeks have passed since my last entry, and I find myself struggling to get writing again. Six weeks of adventure have inspired me and life is charging along in my world once again. The day after my return home, I jumped straight into busy times at work and all the things that go with being home again. I've done a few radio shows at rtr fm and this Sunday just past I did a whopping FOUR hour show from 9pm til 1am. It was pretty cool, lots of crazy noisy sounds of the Difficult Listening show, followed by two hours of Ambient Zone rancho-relaxo sounds.
Where to start with this trip!
I started off on the 15th of May when I landed in Dubai for a speedy 15 hour stay as my stopover to Venice. The airport was hot and the hotel room was freezing, but that was nice after the roasting of the 40+ degrees of the desert sun. I teamed up with my boss who was on the same flight, and we jumped on the red and then blue tour bus that took us on a 4 hour or so tour of the majority of the city. Real touristy stuff I tells ya, but as I didn't have too much interest in being there, it was great to do an architecture wander with one of Perth's great planning minds! There were some amazing designs of buildings, I could only imagine that Perth would ever consider building something that wasn't a square box dull design (check out the new Century tower going up on Hay Stree, a big, dull square box). Although the design of the city was bordering on ridiculous, the shapes of what was going up was impressive! After we ended up on the Creek we decided to go for a wander around Creekside. But when we realised the mega heat and the 8 lane roads with no footpaths anywhere was how the city was desinged, we realised that in Dubain you can not walk anywhere, so we stuck with the crowds - and hung out in an air conditioned mall.
Dubai was great to visit, but it was really like an Arabic Las Vegas. Nice to see, but I couldn't imagine living there or even staying too long.
Oh yes and when I put this photo up I was going to write about Poland. This pic is of a great town next to Gdansk called Sopot, the riviera of Poland! But more about that in a few entries time.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The explosive poo

The explosive poo
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Just thought i'd kick start this blog again, after leaving it untouched for a long long time. I am currently travelling around Europe, but I aim to start writing again and getting my thoughts and ramblings onto this thing.
I'm sitting here in Prague enjoying a steamy night by the Vltava, life is grand!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

What is this poster trying to say?

On the weekend I returned back to Perth after a great month trekkin' through Southeast Asia. I travelled more than I had originally intended, starting in Bangkok, going to Ko Samet and then making my way to Hanoi, down to Hue, Hoi An, to Saigon, then to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap before heading back for a few days in Bangkok and then back home. That's a fair bit of movement for a month! But it was great to get there. Next time I think i'll go to fewer places but spend more time at each of them.
I've got stacks of pics, i'll gradually put my favourites on my flickr account. One of these days i'll tell of some of the crazier moments of my travels! All in all, a grande time was had.
Now I have to reapply for the job that I already have. Errrgh. Addressing selection criterias for government jobs is a total nightmare, especially when my mind is still in travel mode!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mmm tasty..

Yesterday I finally received my second ever ebay purchase in the mail, and it was none other than the great Brazillian film "How tasty was my little Frenchman" (Como Era Gostoso o Meu Frances), made in 1971 as part of the Brazillian Novo Cinema movement that was taking Brazil by storm at the time. I haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but the reason I went looking for this particular film was because many moons ago, I think it was in 2002, I returned home late from a big Saturday night and turned on the tv for the late night dodgy SBS foreign film as I was taking my shoes off and getting ready to jump into bed. A wacky movie was halfway through, but it totally grabbed my attention and I had to stay up and watch it to the end. I didn't find out what it was called until last year when I discovered it after surfing around on the imdb database website. I then looked around at all the Perth dvd shops only to find it was never released in Australia. Finally, yesterday after about 5 years of searching for it, I got my hands on this film! I can't wait to watch it.
..let's hope it's as good as I remember it!

On another note, it's the federal election in Australia tomorrow.. I really hope Rudd wins and Howard gets the butt - kicking he deserves. Time will tell, as it is going to be a very close call. My worry is that Howard's fear campaign will convince the many non-political folk of Australia to vote for him because "better the devil you know".

Oh and OTHER news, i'm going to Europe in May! Woo hoo, my work is sending a group of people on a new urbanism planners tour of Central Europe. I can't wait. More about that in future posts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bring on the Smurf pants!

Best festival ever
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Technology really rocks sometimes. On the weekend I finally got myself connected to the world of Facebook. By Monday I had been tracked down by one of my oldest and bestest buddies, Kitty Sparkles, whom I had lost contact with since 2000. We met in 1996 when she threw sparkley glitter in my hair randomly at a party as she scooted past me in silver rollerskates. We hung out for years, and even lived together at Alpha House in Newtown for a good two years or so. I still remember cutting a commercial for Advertising honcho John Singleton the day after I met Kitty, and he laughed at me for coming to work with glittery hair! (It took two weeks to get that out of my hair)!
So anyway, she moved to Queensland, got married and I moved overseas and eventually to the west coast. We lost touch and nearly caught up a few times over the years but not quite.
It is so very cool to be in touch again. Amazing how being busy and focussing on one's own life can allow so much time to pass without really noticing it.
Also linked to Kitty was Sally, another one of my buddies from Newtown. She had some cool photos from this extreme bush doof rave we all went to, it was in a forest about an hour south of Sydney. I remember metre high electrically blue mushrooms, lazers and lots of dust. And just after this photo was taken we decided to go surfing (after not having slept) and I remember we all got slammed in the surf.. the magic Smurf pants didn't save me that day!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Scooterin' in Fremantle

Gantheume Point Boab
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I guess it's time to fill this lil' blog with the latest in the life of mrlederhosen in the month since I last wrote anything.
Well, let's see. Here's this weeks news at least. On Saturday it was Annette's Birthday bash. Annette is Jeffo's girlfriend, and she ingeniously organised a group of about 10 folks of us to hire scooters and hoon around Fremantle and the neighbouring Swan River for 2 hours, before finishing off with a few hours at the Norfolk drinking delightfully refreshing beverages. Then we continued our night at Casa de Brun (the place to be on hot nights). And then, first thing on Sunday morning at the immoral hour of 8:30am I met my ol' friend Christine and we did a full 9 hours of Swan Valley wine tour cruising on the annual 'Spring in the Valley'. Many hours later, I staggered home only to have to drag my sunburnt and bedraggled body to the RTR studios to do 2 hours of Ambient Zone. Hehe, it was quite a weekend :)

Anyway, back to Saturday's shennanigans.

It was a hot sunny Spring day and we all felt like some of the young mods on Vespas in that film Quadrophenia. It was really cool, I hadn't been on a scooter since I went to Koh Lanta nearly 3 years ago, although it was not too hard to feel like a pro scooter rider again! Probably the funniest moment was when a friend of Annette's was showing off with a little skidding brakey-action to his friend who had a camera, when he suddenly stopped and did a cartwheel over the top of the bike and landed amazingly unhurt on the side of the carpark. It was a total Buster Keaton fall! The whole thing is probably floating around on youtube somewhere by now i'm sure..

Other than that, life's just cruising along for me at the moment. Life is going pretty well, getting my house all snazzy and ready for a summer of beaching and cocktails. I can't wait until I find a funky old 1950s bar in a Salvos store to put in the corner of my pad. Then all will be super well. I'm sure to be putting photos of that online when I get it stocked up. I might have to make it a Hawaiian tiki theme for my housewarming. Some other suggestions for themes for a party that have been thought of include a robot theme party (to keep with the theme of Daft Punk coming to Perth in a few weeks) and of course a uniform party (eg nurses, cop, school clothes etc)!
Oh the choices I must make, the strain of it all..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Visit to the Kimberley

Broome Cable Beach rocks
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Wow, another month has passed since i've updated this blog. I guess it's been one of those not writing periods of my life. Since I last wrote here i've started a new position at my work. I'm now working with remote Aboriginal communities, and last week they sent me up to Broome to get trained up. It sure was an eye opener to how indigenous people live up there.
I also got to wander around Broome and Derby, and I travelled up to Beagle Bay and beyond, to some very remote communities. It's pretty amazing country, I was lucky to get there before the wet season starts. I noticed an urgent exodus starting to gain momentum from Broome, I think most people want to get the hell out of there before the clouds roll in and the heat and humidity rises. I'll put more pics on my flickr site soon, as it's an excellent place to take good photos.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Truffle and mustard combo

Would you stay here?
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It appears I have already posted that photo with the two-face in September of 2006, whoops! To make up for it, here's a photo of a hotel sign. Yes yes, it's predictable graffitti and it's probably been done 72,000 times before, but it raised a smile when I saw it yesterday.

I was in Mundaring for the annual Mundaring Truffle Festival, hehe, what a cool reason for a festival, everyone spending big money on brown smelly fungus things that look like dog poo! Well, I finally got to taste a truffle. It's a subtle taste, but really good. The place was full of poncy society types in their ridiculous $100,000 BMW status 4wd's, and it did cost $5 for a peice of bread with brie and truffle spread, but I thought it was a pretty cool day out anyway. Anle and I hooned around Mundaring listening to cruisy driving tunes. It sure was good to get out of the city for a change. I don't think i've left the city for months! Nothing like a trip to the hills and some forests and fresh air to get me pepped up. On the way back to the city we stopped at Jenn and Chris' new Kalamunda pad to say hi, they live accross the road from a forest. How cool!
Wowsers, I can't believe they have to drive for an hour just to get to the city. I'd much rather live in the city any day!


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It's been a couple of months since I've really added anything of interest to this blog, I guess I've been busy doing regular type things, it seems I haven't been up to anything of particular interest to be writing about here. But things will be changing soon, as I commence a new job in a couple of weeks. It's at the same corporation, just in a different area. As soon as I start, they'll be flying me up to Broome to get trained in what I need to know. How cool, i've never been to Broome before!
We've just had a perfect weather weekend. It was raining and all crapola cold n' stuff for all of last week, and then out came the sun for two glorious days, until last night when it started raining again. This way most Perthites are happy - my city finally gets that rain that it desperately needs, and all the 9-5'ers get a chance to worship the sun when it comes out. Living in Perth, we are so used to endless sunshine with all year sunny conditions and clear skies, that we take it for granted. Most people here, except for those skin-roasting European travellers (and a few teeny emo's who want it to be winter for longer) get so used to the sun that we actually look forward to rainy weather. When we have endless rainy weeks like last week, Perth folk finally understand what it feels like when the sun comes out after not seeing it for a while. I spent my Saturday morning eating breakfast outdoors, lying in the overgrown grass and getting some rays on my pasty winter-white skin.

Aaah, it felt SO good!

Oh yeah and that pic was a time-lapse photo that I took of a couple who were lounging at the table next to us at the Ark Bar in Koh Samui from when I was there last year. I had simply rested the camera on the table and hit the button, I had no idea it would turn out so well!

Things I'll be rambling about online soon:

1) Continuing my travel adventures. I have only written up to the second month of my travels, I still have nine more months of silliness to write about! ..yes I keep saying i'll do this i know..
2) RTR shennanigans, and the upcoming radiothon that starts next week.
3) Updates on the crazy tunes i've been listening to lately,
4) Political rants and why everyone is wrong except for me

Monday, July 09, 2007

A Proem overdose

Overdosing on Proem
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Last night Gav and myself paid tribute to probably the greatest record label of the last 7 years or so, Merck Records. They closed down a few weeks ago, so we thought we'd play two 2 hour shows highlighting their contribution to the electro music world on our show Ambient Zone.

Last night we played tunes from the second period of releases, including lots of tracks from the Aurora 2 ambient compilation, a few remix tracks (especially Tycho and Machine Drum stuff) and to finish off the show from 12:30 through to 1am we played virtually non-stop masterpieces from Proem (

Sayonara, Merck!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The 'Good Stuff'

The 'Good Stuff'
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Long time no blog write. I needed the time off. I've been working on fixing up my house so that I can move in, and I've been living a busy family life and spending lots of time with my sister in law and nephew while they got ready to move to the middle east .

They've now moved over, and my house is finally painted. But still there is lots to do. It doesn't really make for exciting reading, but hey, life gets hectic sometimes.

Finally on Saturday, after three months trudging around the world via surface mail, I received Julie's first published novel, 'Blue'. Hooray, I get to read her work! I haven't updated my contacts thingee, but check out her new website: She's the best new writer i've read lately! Onya Julie, you rock!


Other than that excitement, life is just moving along. I need a holiday to recharge. It's been nearly a year since I've had a holiday, or at least some decent time off to get away from 'normal' times.
But I did make a cool discovery on Saturday! I was contently relaxing after a fantastic feast of food at a dinner party with some friends of friends from Beijing the other day, when they unravelled this mystery liquer from a gilded box. I had never heard of Moutai before, but as of last night I am a convert. That stuff is great! ..although at 53% alcohol, just a sip here and there is probably all that should be drunk in one sitting.

I just totally dig how wherever I go in the world there is something new and something that I have never heard of. Apparently this is 'the good stuff' that lots of rich folk in China like to drink. Hmm I wonder if I can find this stuff at the bottle shops of Perth?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Dodgy Brothers

Dodgy Brothers
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This could be the gold medal winning crappy-quality-mobi-phone photo of the year! I love how my phone has an unflinching ability to create cool crappy quality photos. This is perhaps the seediest photo ever taken of Emmo - would you buy a car off this man? Stricko looks like an olde worlde bushranger about to pull out his pistol, put on his Ned Kelly iron helmet, and take off with the nights' earnings.

Taken a few weeks back at a poker night at Seano's pad. I would only say poker is cool if I ever won anything. So far that has eluded me, so i'll stick to my 'once every six months only' policy of allowing my friends to suck me in to all night poker n' boozin' games!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What colour should i paint?

What colour should i paint?
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That's me getting ready to partake in the proper way to spend one's first night in their new home!
The first thing when I got the keys to the house was to remove those shocking grandma kitchen curtains, eeyurgh! A design with yellow corn cobs would have been cool though, I would have probably kept them.

Old maps

Tramway Routes Perth
Originally uploaded by mrlederhosen.
I love old maps. Hehe, I seem to expose all my nerdy habits on this blog you must think, but this map is particularly cool to me because it shows my home city nearly 80 years before I was born, and when the streets I grew up on didn't even exist. I think I got this nerdy thing for maps started when i was by the Thames at some riverside market and I discovered this old book from the 1850s or so where the seller had ripped out pages to sell for people to frame individually. They had old maps of empires long gone, and little countries and places with names i'd never heard of before (I had better not get a ticket to Prussia). I thought it was a crime that this guy could just rip up such an old book! I had to get a few of them. Hmmm moral pickle there.. ..does it only encourage him to do it more or am I saving it from being lost forever?

Next thing I knew I had a cool old map of Denmark and Scandinavia from the 1500s (just a print, sigh, not the real thing), and then I had was given a globe of the world circa 1947 for a Birthday one year.
So far I've only seen 30 countries of the world. I am yet to see the other 130 or so, so I had better get a move on! Having a globe staring at me inspires me to not get too complacent with my life and to remember to get out there and discover.

In other news, I got the keys to my new house last Tuesday! It's a great feeling to know that I have my own place now, and no dodgy landlord can turf me out or randomly put up the rent! I will put some pics up of my place soon.

Monday, May 07, 2007

must.. get ..some... sleep .. eyes closing.. zz

RTR FM Ambient Zone
Originally uploaded by mrlederhosen.
I hope everyone tuned in to RTR ( last night. I ended up doing an extended Ambient Zone set, as the guys from the next show never turned up to the studio, which allowed me to crank it up for another half hour. I could've played all night, but ye' olde work commitments meant that I had to be at work by 9am, and this little black duck was already pooped from a late Friday and Saturday night. Not sure how long i'll last at the office for, now that my lunch break is coming to an end..

I've found a way of converting the format of my radio recordings, so pretty soon I should be able to post podcasts. I've got so many IT geek friends, yet no one has ever been able to tell me of a (free) way to convert from mp2 to mp3!

I've discovered some flippin' great music lately, last night I played stacks of tracks from the following albums:

Fennesz - Endless Summer
Fenton - Pup
Oblong - Indicator
Clogs - Lantern
Pole - Steingarten
Kelpe - The people are trying to sleep
Jimi Tenor - Beyond the stars

Monday, April 30, 2007

More Baltic politics..

Tallinn Red Army Monument
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Once again, there is conflict between Estonia and the Russian Government. The Estonian government has inflamed the Russian authorities by removing a statue that commemorates Soviet soldiers from its location in the centre of Tallinn to a nearby cemetry. Emotions are high and the mess of 20th Century history and post-Soviet empire politics have bubbled to the surface once again. I have found a few comments from the net that express the situation, and probably better than i'd be able to say it. I'd be keen to hear what people have to say.

The Financial Times online edition (www,, dated 28/4/07, reports:

"For Estonia's ethnic Russians, as for Russians elsewhere, the memorial marks the sacrifices made by Soviet forces in the second world war. But many Estonians see the monument, in its central location, as a triumphalist symbol of communist oppression that lasted until the end of the Soviet Union.

Tensions flared at the memorial in May last year when Estonian nationalists clashed with ethnic Russians. Fearing May 9 this year would see a repeat, Andrus Ansip's centre-right coalition opted to move the memorial. Following a general election victory in March, Mr Ansip decided to act quickly despite protests from ethnic Russians, from Moscow and the opposition of Edgar Savisaar, the Tallinn mayor."

From the BBC World "Have your say" discussion, dated 29/4/07, Jaana from Tallinn states:

"Ivi Masso, columnist of the Estonian daily Päevaleht makes a statement that is roughly translated as: "It is difficult to imagine someone saying to descendents of Jews, victimised by nazis, that they should be tolerant to a statue of a nazi solder standing on one of the most prominent squares of their capital city, because the statue is an important symbol of German identity." And this statement is followed by a brilliant article.
Think about it."

And from the blog-site "Itching for Eestimaa", here is an exerpt dated from 11/1/07, before the riots began. Read the entire article on:

"..the Russian Federation's inability to take accountability for what happened in 1940 and 1944 and to continue to attempt to represent its "compatriots" abroad while at the same time demanding blanket foreign citizenship for them, only fuels the Estonian-Russian crisis in relations. When you constantly deny acts of hostility against a neighbor, and then attempt to include yourself in your neighbor's domestic policies on behalf of a local minority, you only sew fear and mistrust in your neighbor's country. Hence, an old war memorial still means something. Also, how can Estonians be expected to respect the dead of the Soviet Army, when the Russian government won't even hand back its morbid souvenir from Päts' death - his presidential regalia?"

There are pages and pages of discussion on this topic. I hope it's alright to quote other people's works here, I have sourced them so hopefully there's no copyright issues.. If there is, contact me and I'll remove it. I have put it up here because I find it very interesting.

Post colonial politics have always been a source of endless conflict. One nation mourns the loss of control whilst trying to maintain influence, while the smaller nation tries strengthen its independence. Colonialism has brought so many problems to the world. The concept of colonialism sounds to me like the school bully demanding lunch money, or a triad/mafia gang demanding 'protection' money, but on a national scale. It's as simple as that. World history just keeps repeating itself. Every history book I ever read is about a bigger power stomping on a smaller power, and then causing a heap of troubles when they aren't in charge anymore. And then a new big power appears and it starts all over again.

*Sigh*.. no wonder countries that aren't fighting wars love sport so much. Sport is a way of being king-pin of the world and having a strong sense of nationalism without having to invade anyone. Being a sports hero is a much safer than being a war hero, and you still get to use up all that testosterone! I guess that's why I love seeing huge sporty crowds, even though i'm not really into sport that much.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Music is tops

Best album ever
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Last night I finally put on my shiny new dvd compilation of all of my David Bowie albums, and lay down on the bed and listened to it for about two straight hours. Some people meditate, others play sport. When I feel I need to recharge, I get comfortable, I darken the room and put on my favourite music and put the volume at that perfect just-right level.

When I was a 13 year old, the first proper music record I ever bought (other than my pre-pubescent purchases of 'Chipmunk Rock' and 'Sunglasses at night'), was David Bowie's 'Scary Monsters' album. Little did I know then, but that album revolutionised my entire life. It represented the beginning of my teenage life. I played that album every day. Soon, I had to have more! Next I bought the live Ziggy Stardust farewell concert, which drove my Mum crazy on many occaisions, and then I bought what I still believe to be one of the best albums ever made: David Bowie's 'Low' album from 1977. Even today, when I feel a little run down, tired, sad or need rejuvenating, I put on that album and shut my eyes.

Shortly after that, while scouring the second hand section of Dada Records in Perth (which incidentally has not changed at all in 20 years) I found a crusty old 1979 pressing of his next album "Heroes". To this day, I think that song itself has got to be one of the best pop songs ever written, not to mention the rest of that searingly intense album. Every time I hear it, it gets to me. It is musical perfection, as far as I am concerned.

It was only a couple of years later when my musical tastes had moved on to all sorts of crazy stuff did I realise that those two 1977 albums were co-authored and produced by Brian Eno, and had Robert Fripp playing guitar. Eno and Fripp, for the uninitiated, were some of the leading exponents of electronic music in that era. Brian Eno is kinda like the godfather of ambient music - he even allegedly was the first person to use the term "ambient music", and Robert Fripp, well, he was the creative genius behind the awesome band King Crimson, from the prog-rock era of the early 70s, and he created this wacky sound known as 'Frippertronics'.

Music is freakin' awesome, I love how every time I go searching for the good stuff, the more I find. Hehe, I think I've just decided what to play on my next Ambient Zone show, so tune in! Oh yeah, I'll be doing my next set on Sunday 6th of May, on RTR FM 92.1

Incidentally, this photo is the 12" single of the German release of Heroes, titled "Helden". For some reason I think it sounds better in German, probably because he was living in Berlin when he wrote it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

obturator nerve pathway

Ooh, i've got a great controversial topic today! None other than that prize winning guaranteed-endless-disagreement debate topic: religion!

I was on my way to have dinner with some friends of mine the other day, and as we were walking through the city on our way to Taka Restaurant for ourtight-arse budget Japanese dining extravagansa, and just as we had successfully avoided the singing Christians, we came accross a group of preaching Scientologists who seemed to zoom in on us like mosquitos. Seems like a normal night out? Sure, it usually is. But this particular friend of mine is one of those people that just seems to attract fanatics. I kid you not, but we have been walking along the street on previous occaisions, and randoms have walked up and started harassing him, be it either Christian fundamentalists, aggressive beggars (the ones who insist you give them a minimum of $2), gang members or muscled up thugs and fubu-and-bling-wearing types just yelling out abuse and looking for a fight.

I have formulated a theory that it has something to do with the fact that he'san uber buff weight lifting bloke who works out regularly, and he's got that square jaw tough-guy look about him. If you mix that with a vigilante '"i hate injustice / seeing people getting picked on" mentality, he can never just ignore dickheads like most people do.

But, I digress!.. anyway, as I was saying, the next thing we know these two Scientologists are telling him that he needs to get off thepharmeceutical drugs that are messing up his mind and stop watching "the media"and to wake up to himself. I'm not quite sure where they got the idea that he was on drugs from, but it all got kind of narky and they were all raising their voices and telling each other they were fools (and something about all humans coming from the planet Zorgon or something like that..). If there is one thing i've learned in this world, its that you should never challenge a preacher of any kind into a theological debate. You can never win, as the precise reason they are preaching is because they believe so firmly in what they say.

After we had extracted our friend from the standard religious vs. non-religious debate, we trotted at a fast pace to Taka's, because by now there was a monster queue out the front waiting to polish off the final stocks of their scrum-diddely-umptious sushi. I'm not sure who actually said it, but by the time we got up to Shafto Lane someone had described the whole concept of religion into one simple sentence, and it has stuck in my head ever since then:

"Religion is necessary for so many people because it provides them with simple answers for complex questions".

That statement kind of ended the debate, and before long we were chatting about more important stuff like food, politics, movies, girls wearing short-shorts in winter, guys who wear speedos (are they undies or bathers?) and music - in other words all the other regular important Friday topics of conversation!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that moment of my Friday night with the world!

Abbey the dog contemplates life whilst meditating and chanting.

A pants rant

It's Monday now, but I wrote the following rant last Friday, at the end of a long week, I was going a bit loopy from being indoors for too long. I thought I'd put it online anyway..

Well here we are and it's Friday again. I honestly feel like it's Groundhog Day sitting in the office sometimes. Too much of my life is spent at work I tells ya. But not to worry - life is grand, it's Friday and there's tonight and two more days to wreak havoc on the world at large!
Today's rant is that I am very shocked and concerned that I'm noticing a trend in fashion whereby all the young whipper snapper trendies are wearing super high pants again! Surely everyone who has even the slightest memory of the 80s and early 90s - hell, I think ANY time before about 1996, judging by watching old movies and looking at our Grandparents, should know that the world has hadenough of HIGH waisted pants! Remember laughing at Bogart with his up-to-his-armpit trousers? Remember Van Damme with his 80's pleated trousers riding up high, making him look like a clown? It took all of the history of western civilisation to finally come to awareness that pants that sit nicely around one's hips look good! I know the saggy-pants show-your-undies trends of the early 00's have caused this harry-high-pant reaction, but hey! I like hipster pants! They look good, they make one's butt look good, and they justfit the shape of a person's physique and make them look better!
I will have to add this to my list of things to do when i'm president of the world. Item number #297 on the agenda of my new world manifesto: "Jeans and trousers that are worn above the belly button will incur punishment of humiliation by public dakking".

Now that i've got that off my chest, bring on the weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

look into my eyes, not around the eyes but in my eyes..

Heyyy, big news today! I was trying to get away for the weekend by driving up north, when I was called back for a few reasons. Before I knew it, i'd made an offer on a house!

It'll be a few weeks before I get the keys, but I will start planning a house warming party to remember from now. If you get in quick, I might let ya stay on the sofa for the night.. Sheesh it's kinda scary to borrow so much money, but hey, this had to happen now or i'd never do it. No more renting for me, woo hoo!

Monday, April 02, 2007

random ramblings

I just had to get outdoors for the last gasp of summer yesterday. Last week it suddenly got cold after a few months of non-stop searing Perth heat, so I just had to catch some of those rays when the sun came out. Bomi is my ol' pal from Korea, and she's one of those friends that I only seem to meet with every month or so. Being the great Aussie tour guide that I am, I took her down to Point Walter to check out the river spit that she had been told about. Its funny how when you live in a city you sometimes never go to the great local sights and places that foreigners love so much. We walked right to the end of the spit - over a kilometre of a skinny stretch of sand jutting into a bulbous bit of the Swan River. Ahh the sun, i'm gonna miss it when the cold weather kicks in. Perth is one of those cities that I swear is colder than Europe in mid winter.
"Baloney!" I hear you say. But I know i'm right! Because of our mega-hot summers, our houses are designed to be cool, and they just let all that heat out come the winter. I never ever wore jumpers in the house in my little pad in Berlin that Christmas, and I never wore jumpers in that Bachelors Walk dog-box I lived in in Dublin. Yet every winter mr G shivers-his-timbers while he stirs his hot soup next to the gas heater and whines a lot of "brrrrr-its-cccold". And all them exchange students freak out and have to go shopping for jumpers, feeling ripped off cos they're told that its always summer down in Australia. Hehe, I guess that means our tourist brochures as a summer paradise have been working!

I soooooo much want to get back to Southeast Asia this month, but because of the suck-ass recent housing boom, I have to save every penny if I am going to buy myself a (rediculously small) place this year. I say its a suck-ass from the buyers point of view, but I'm sure if you owned a place you'd be loving every moment of the last four years of boom. Anyway, maybe one day I can join the league of the landed gentry, but for now i'm having to be "mr. no-holidays stinge-bag" to save. I don't even really care too much about owning land, but I guess it's the wise thing to do and I know that I will love having my place, the freedom of owning my own place and yadayadayada..

Golly I must be getting old. I'm talking about property in my blog! Aaaaarrrghh! Someone please save me from this!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Another hefty weekend

imaginary tree
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Life sure is busy at the moment. Daylight savings finished on Saturday night and it coincided with my 11pm to 1am radio show, so in effect I was DJing from 12 to 2am, and then I had to drag my tired butt to work this morning at 8:30! And that was following a huge Friday night on the town and a big night on Saturday for my friend Brad's wedding. To compound it all, I seem to randomly wake up at 5 am every morning and take an hour to get back to sleep, ensuring that I spend most of my waking time feeling like a zombie.

Anyway.. last night it felt like my Ambient Zone show went really well! It's been a long time since I've talked about music. There is so much great music out there, here's a list of a few standouts that I have recently acquired, just from the top of my head. There are heaps more but these are the ones I can think of right now:

Pub - Legless
Pub - Single
Monolake - Hong Kong
Benge - I am 9
Secede - Vega Libre
Susumu Yokota - Magic Thread
Yagya - Rhythm of snow
Scanners - movie soundtrack

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clint gets married

Where is she?
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Hehe, Michelle was going to be 'officially' 15 minutes late, but I took this pic at about the waiting for 40 minutes mark. Clint's looking a little concerned that she might have done a runner..

Clint and Michelle have been going out for soooo long, and as a result this wedding has been anticipated for a long, long time! It was great to have all of his friends and family there, a great time was had by all.

On a different note, Adam is famous for his end-of-the-world-is-nigh farts.. look at the coincidentally located microphone, I had not planned for that!

Congrats to Clint and Michelle!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Here is a bit of nerdy transport planner humour from Thailand. I work with a Thai guy and he keeps me up to speed with the latest architecture, developments and construction in Bangkok.

A train line was supposed to connect Bangkok to the old airport, but it was never built. The Hopewell company had the contract to construct it, but they went bankrupt and/or there was political scandal that involved the government of the time, and this coincided with the Asian stockmarket crisis, so construction just stopped one day and multi-millions of baht were wasted. There are now hundreds of these monoliths dotted throughout Bangkok, at a cost of around 1 million dollars each!

A few ideas have been raised to finish the mystery train line to the north of the city with a combination train and above ground freeway, but I'm not sure what the status of this project is. When I was in Bangkok last year I saw a few creative uses of some of the pillars, some people had swings hanging off one of them, some had created a market area under the base of a few, and I even saw some shanty housing built around at least one of them. (There could even have been an urban rock climbing wall!)

It was kind of cool to see how people utilised these abandoned Stonehenge like pillars. I always thought it would be great to built a birds nest style apartment on top of them, and create funky Roger Dean (aka those old 'Yes' album covers from the 1970s) styled bulb-shape buildings that could serve as a type of fancy community in the air. Though I'm sure the realities of Thai poverty and property owners probably wouldn't allow for that to happen even if someone did try to do it..
..but still, I think it would look cool. Maybe I'll make it a pet project of mine when I am president of the world.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Whatever happened to the humungous karri log in Kings Park?

Karri Log Kings Park
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Gosh, a few weeks have passed since I last wrote here. My new position at work has been keeping me busy running around the city doing surveys about the use of certain train stations around one of the major transport corridors. Working in strategic planning is an awesome job, and I'm loving it.

One of my work colleagues recently sent me this photo of the old massive karri log that used to sit in a prominent position in Kings Park. Everyone I know who grew up in Perth have memories of trying to climb the log and sit on top of it. I remember getting up there once (unless they are imagined memories.. eek! - it must be Total Recall! ), and when I got on top, I thought I had climbed Mt Everest. My brother and I ran up and down it like we were kings of the world, and being little tackers, we were a little freaked out we'd hurt ourselves if we fell off. I definately remember hanging off the end of the log, just above where that guy in the pic is standing. There was also this cool slice of log located just to the left of this pic, and it showed in the growth rings how big the tree was during the French revolution, the signing of the Magna Carta and a host of other historical moments going back around 1000 years. I wonder why they took it away, surely it has a strong environmental message by leaving it there. Even back then I was thinking, "if it's so ancient, why did we cut it down?". And that was before public endorsement of environmentalism became trendy.

What ever happened to this log? When did it disappear? How did I not notice it missing until I saw this photo of it? Seeing this photo, it brings back streams of my childhood memories. I remember all sorts of things now, like playing on the dangerous but oh-so-cool playground made out of a hollowed tree next to that island which is now called the Western Power parklands.. and riding on the carved wood horses on the carousel they used to have there.. and trying not to fall in that festy lake while delicately clambering over the collapsed tree that was the only access to the playground in the middle of the little island.. sheesh i evem remember i had these corduroy pants when i was climbing around it.. i must have been 4 or 5 or something! I remember my parents had matching flared pants as they called out to us, hehe, yep that was definately the 70s! ... better yet, I can remember the song 'Dreamweaver' playing out of a stereo... ooh wait no portable stereos weren't around til the 80s... hmm, maybe it was from one of the Sandman wagons parked nearby..

Golly, so much memory from just one photo, taken over 20 years before I was even born! Actually I asked Anle the other day about this log, and she said it was eaten up by termites, so it had to be removed. I suppose that's a logical reason as to what happened to it, but even so.. I can't believe this memory got locked away in the back of my mind in the 'childhood' compartment.

In other news, I had the best weekend ever down south :') More about that later.

Ooooh yes.. and thank you sooooo much Julie for promoting my radio show Ambient Zone on your website! You are the best, hoooray!! I think i'm scheduled to do it next on either the 11th or the 18th of March. Stay tuned and I'll let you know.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Contested Baltic states borders

Baltic states borders
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This map accompanies the following entry.
It looks like Russia was worried that their country was getting too small in the new post Soviet Union, so they had to claim chunks of land from their former subjects..


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I wasn't sure if I had already posted this pic a year ago, but this is the remains of a great castle built during the Knights of the Sword period of Estonian history. Half of the castle has been restored, and that part of the building is used as a library for the main university of Tartu. If this building was in Australia or the US the whole site would be fenced off and everyone would be too worried about being sued to allow people to wander around the ruins of a once great place. I still think it's the coolest warning sign that I have ever seen!

I thought I'd clarify something I'd mentioned in my last entry. I had referred to the troubles in south eastern Estonia still brewing, but since I had last read about it a few years ago whilst completing my International Relations degree at uni, I had not read the latest developments regarding the area of Petserimaa - the area around the town of Petseri. Since Soviet times, Petseri has been officially called Pechory. Estonians have traditionally considered this region one of the 11 counties that constitute their Nation, and this has been the source of many simmering tensions with Russia. I found a great map that shows the disputed territories, it also includes the area around Narva and also Latvia's border dispute area with Russia.
Wikipedia seems to suggest that the Petserimaa issues were resolved in 2005, (see: ) but I am not sure what the Estonian people think of this. I notice that Wikipedia have entered their summary in a way that suggests this is an historic Russian area that has been returned. I'm not so sure if other historical sources would agree with that either. I will have to read more about it.

Some other webpages for Estonian history for all you history geeks if you are interested..

Monday, February 05, 2007


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I got this spooky photo from the internet. It's small and low res, but it captures the atmosphere of what it might be like to live in there.

I was searching for some new places to travel, so I typed Georgia into the search engine. The Caucasus has always fascinated me, although it seems many places in that region of the world are too dangerous to travel. Russia has long sought to destabilise all of the breakaway parts of its former Soviet Empire that lean westwards and out of their sphere of influence, and the region of Abkhazia is no exception. There's a few thousand years of history along the eastern Black Sea coast, but the Soviet legacy of ethnic population movement has led to endless conflict in many areas. The Abkhazian minority declared independence from Georgia in the early 90s, although as yet no country has recognised it. At the end of a nasty war, most of the ethnic Georgians fled, with the expectation to return soon. The political situation has been in stalemate ever since, with Russian support of the separatists enabling the situation to stay as it is, with Georgia refusing to grant anything more than autonomy. Both sides cannot agree on a solution. It's obviously more complicated than just that, but that's basically how it is. Along the border there are lonely refugee towns filled with Georgians wanting to return, living a temporary existence believing that one day they can go back to Abkhazia. There are similar deadlock situations in other ex-Soviet nations, such as South Ossetia, Transnistria in Moldova, the southeast of Estonia, Karelia in Russia/Finland. Not all of these circumstances are in direct conflict, but tensions are simmering.

This is the caption that accompanied this photo:

Zugdidi, close to the Abkhazian border Georgia, January 2003.
An un-named town on the border with abkhazia. Once it was town built to house construction workers building a Dam during Soviet times. Now most of it is abandoned but for a number of refugees. There is no running water or electricity any more. In winter it can drop to -40 and it is 60 miles from the nearest town on very bad roads. It is a harsh and lonely place to live.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Adam aka Mr speedy dealer

Adam Speedy Card Dealer
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Adam was on fire as he was throwing out the cards on the table. He had been itching for a Texas hold 'em poker night for a long time, and Saturday night was his Birthday. His parents had recently moved into their plush Mosman Park cliffside pad, so what better occaision do you need to rip out the chips and have a go on the cards, in the posh surroundings of Mosman Park?

Lee had won the first few rounds and was starting to get the Kerry Packer-esque pile of chips, so, on the fourth round I took him on to end his rising global dominations. At the end of the round, there was just the two of us squaring off. I had a flush of spades, a pair of twos and a pair of jacks (that is, including the cards on the table already). Seemingly a good hand.. I threw down the twos.. I threw down the jacks, the fortune seemed like it was soon to be mine! ..alas.. Lee the shark also had a flush, a low pair, and a pair of aces!

I was beat'. So there endeth my illustrious gambling career there and then in the fourth round. And the punk-ass Leeroy got richer!
Hehe, the world of gambling.. what a scary place. I'm glad I only do this once every rare while.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lame photo

Here's my mobile phone version of the photo below. I think it's kinda cool anyway, it reminds me of the album cover for that muziq cd 'royal astronomy'. Hehe, no sign of the comet of course, although it is in the middle of the pic!

Comet McNaught 17Jan2007

Comet McNaught 17Jan2007
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Unfortunately I didn't take this pic, but it shows just how bright that comet was!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I started working at my new position this week, it's great to be finally working in an area that I have been aiming to get into for so long. At this stage (my 3rd day), I'm still really not sure what I am expected to do though.. but finally I got an office with a window view, woohoo I get to see the winos below getting into fights at lunch time. Gotta love that inner city grime, yep even in our seemingly clean and perfecto 'lil ol Perth.

Tonight I went for a run along the beach and as I arrived at North Cott I remembered that a Comet was due to make an appearance on the horizon, just after sunset. Sure enough, as soon as the sun finally set, this massive bright dot with a huge trail behind it appeared in the dusk sky. The trail of debris behind it was at a kind of 11 o'clock position, with the top of it curling to the right. In the 20 minutes or so before it got dark and the view disappeared, it sunk from quite high up almost until the horizon line. And this was all with the naked eye! It would have been awesome to see with binoculars or a telescope!

I hope everyone listened to my radio show last Sunday night, it was one of the best shows I think i've done. I highlighted these albums and played stacks of tracks from each of them:

Biosphere - Dropsonde
Machine Drum - Mergerz and Acquisitionz
Yagya - Rhythm of Snow
Gramm - Personal Rock

The Yagya cd is already 5 years old, and can you believe Gramm (Jan Jelinek's one time alter ego) released that cd in 1999. Jeepers I remember it didn't seem that long ago that it was new.

Oh yes and Nelson the Hairmaster gave me a funkster haircut today. No more dodgy shaggy too-long-on-the-sides hair for me. Rock on.
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